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Having officially been released in March 2014, after the game was first announced a year beforehand, Hearthstone has quickly become one of the most popular eSports games in the industry. The collectable card game, set in the Warcraft universe, has helped the genre to reach new heights, with it now also being one of the most utilised eSports betting markets around. Created by eSports giants Blizzard Entertainment, the same company that brought us Starcraft and World of Warcraft, Hearthstone is available on both Mac and Windows, with the Hearthstone Championship Tour having been introduced in 2016. With markets only set to increase in the coming years, the potential for Hearthstone betting is at an all-time high. This piece will provide readers with an in-depth look at Hearthstone betting, including gameplay, available markets, tournaments and players.

Hearthstone Gameplay

Competitive Hearthstone matches are played in a 1v1 format, with each player taking turns making a play. Matches generally only last between 5-15 minutes, with games involving high levels of strategy. Players begin by picking their starting hands, with either three or four cards selected at random from the deck. Each deck contains 30 cards, with cards available depending on the hero in which has been chosen, with every class having a different selection of cards.

From the cards given, players are able to decide as to whether they would like to play or have any replaced. The first round will kick off once both players are happy, beginning with drawing a new card, which will be either a minion, spell or weapon card. Let’s take a detailed look at the type of cards available within Hearthstone:

  • Minion Cards – As the most common type of card, featuring creatures that are permanent on the battlefield. They help players to attack enemy minions or other enemy heroes, whilst some possess “taunt abilities”, which can defend heroes from enemy attacks. Each minion holds a different attack and defence value.
  • Spell Cards – The second most common cards in Hearthstone, spell cards have certain effects that can be triggered during matches. Certain spell cards have the potential to permanently destroy minions, as well as causing large amounts of damage. A spell card is automatically discarded once it has been used.
  • Weapon Cards – The rarest type of cards, weapon cards provide a variety of different weapons, which enable players to attack and defend. Each weapon cards hold a damage and durability value.

Once a card has been drawn, players will then be given the opportunity to play one or more, with each card having a mana crystal value in the top left corner. This value is based on the amount of mana crystals in which it would cost you to play the card, however you can only start matches with one mana crystal. Should games last until the 10th turn, each player will receive 10 mana crystals to use.

Each hero is blessed with a certain “hero power”, with nine different heroes from the following classes: Druid, Hunter Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior. While a mage can throw a fireball in order to cause significant damage, a priest can heal itself from damage. With each hero starting with 30 health, the aim of the game is to kill your opponent’s hero.

Hearthstone Betting Platforms

For those new to the world of Hearthstone, there are a whole host of bookmakers now offering betting markets on this increasingly popular eSports game. Along with traditional sportsbooks including William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betway, there are a whole host of dedicated eSports betting platforms to select from, with the likes of eBettle and EGB among the most successful to date. Picking a bookmaker in fact be one of the hardest decisions to make, with a whole host of factors likely to effect your decision. With Hearthstone markets, odds, bonuses and promotions and customer service services and features likely to effect your decision, check out our operator reviews for an in-depth breakdown of all options. Do not forget that you do not have to limit yourself to just one platform.

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Type of Hearthstone Bets

Despite being relatively new to the world of eSports betting, Hearthstone markets now feature heavily on a wide range of websites. Although not as diverse as the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2, there are a variety of popular bets involved within Hearthstone, the most common of which comes in the form of outright match and tournament bets. In short, this concerns backing a particular player to come out on top in a particular match or tournament. Due to the competitive nature of Hearthstone, odds for such bets are usually fairly generous, especially when it comes to backing a player to win an entire competition. Obviously, players such as Pavel and Orange, who currently sit at the top of the world rankings, will be generally be among the favourites for events, with bookmakers offering them at shorter odds as a result. On top of this, and while the number of bets will differ between bookmakers, the following are among the most common markets when it comes to Hearthstone betting:

  • To reach the final – During the larger Hearthstone tournaments, certain bookmakers will offer the chance to back players to reach certain stages of competitions. While this generally only involves players with the biggest reputations, backing them to make it to the knockout stages or final can often prove to be an efficient method of wagering.
  • First to cause damage
  • First to play a legendary card
  • Highest damage from a single card

Hearthstone Tournaments

The Hearthstone competitive scene has exploded over recent years, with a range of tournaments and events, from local to worldwide, helping to make up the schedule. The following tournaments are among the competitions that usually feature heavily in the betting markets among bookmakers, however coverage will of course depend on the platform:

Last Call – Any player that has acquired the Legend card pack is eligible for their respective region’s Last Call tournament, an event using best-of-three matches, in a single elimination format. The top 16 from this tournament will then advance to the regional qualifiers.

Hearthstone World Championship Qualifiers – The top four players from each region (America, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific) will compete during the group stages, helping to determine who will move on to the BlizzCon.

Hearthstone World Championship – With the Hearthstone World Championship now offering a total prize pool of over $250,000, competition for places is increasing by the year. Taking place at Blizzard’s yearly BlizzCon event, the first-round features four groups, each of which contain four players. The top two players from each group will advance to the second round.

Elsewhere, the likes of the StarLadder i-League, ChallengeStone, Hearthstone Global Games and Team Brawl help to make up a jam-packed year of action, with markets available at bookmakers on virtually a weekly basis.

Hearthstone Tournaments at Betspawn
Hearthstone Tournaments at Betspawn

Hearthstone Players

Unlike other eSports titles, competitive Hearthstone matches are played individually. While Hearthstone is one of the more unpredictable games around, the top players are likely to be offered the shortest odds for both matches and tournaments. Let’s take a look at the current Hearthstone world rankings, as well as some history surrounding the individuals concerned:

  1. Pavel – Pavel Beltukov currently sits top of the world rankings, despite having had a troublesome history within Hearthstone. Having missed major tournaments due to visa issues, the Russian won the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship.
  2. StanCifka – StanCifka, from the Czech Republic, represents Team Misfits, whose major achievements to date include winning the 2015 StarLadder i-League.
  3. Orange – From Sweden, Orange won the SeatStory Cup VI in 2016, adding to victories at the Abios Grand Tournament and ASU ROG 10th Anniversary Tournament in the past.
  4. Rdu – Rdu is from Romania and represents G2 Esports. Having won over $50,000 from Hearthstone events, major victories include the DreamHack Summer 2016 and TrueSilver Championship.
  5. Xixo – From Germany, Xixo represents team Planet Odd, winning the WePlay Hearthstone League and eSports Arena Invitational in the past.
  6. Neirea – Team Liquid’s Neirea has yet to win a major Hearthstone tournament to date, however a runner up finish at the HWC – Europe Championship demonstrates his potential.
  7. Dog – American and Team Liquid player, Dog, finished second at the DreamHack Summer 2015, going on to win the ONOG 2016 Circuit Feature Tournament #2 in 2016.
  8. Hoej – Denmark’s Hoej has already won the GamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge in 2017, adding to a previous victory at the Gfinity 2015 – Summer Masters II.
  9. Shoop2 – Shoop was the victor at the recent DreamHack Austin 2017, with the American having been well backed to rise up the rankings over the coming months.
  10. OmegaZero – Despite not winning any major Hearthstone events to date, strong showings at the BlizzCon 2016 event demonstrate his ability.

5 Hearthstone Betting Tips

Whether you are new to Hearthstone or have been there since the very start, it is important to follow a few simple rules when it comes to betting in this market. Carrying out and following these steps will certainly enhance your chances of success, although, of course, no bet is ever guaranteed to come in.

  1. Bonuses – You will often find that the most attractive odds and promotions can be found during major Hearthstone tournaments. While betting on smaller meetings can undoubtedly be an effective method of betting, many bookmakers will offer enhanced odds during events such as the Hearthstone Global Games and World Championships, enhancing your chances of significantly adding to your bank balance.
  2. Stick to the basics – Remember that statistics and knowledge of the game is undoubtedly the bread and butter when it comes to betting on Hearthstone. Due to Hearthstone being a 1v1 competition, there are a number of factors that can come together to determine the results of matches. Taking a look at the form of players, along with the world rankings, will also enhance your chances of placing successful bets. Knowing what type of playing style certain players prefer, as well as their in-game decision making, is also a welcome addition.
  3. Patches – Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest Hearthstone patches, with changes to the game potentially effecting the success rates of certain players. While patches are not regularly released, players will undoubtedly take different timeframes to get used to such changes.
  4. Watch matches – For those new to the world of Hearthstone betting, it is vital to start out by watching matches as they take place, taking into account different strategies, cards, game variables and the best players. This will also help to provide a much better understanding of the game, allowing you to feel more confident when placing bets.
  5. Keep a lid on spending – A good rule of thumb when it comes to betting on any eSports market, including Hearthstone, is to bet a maximum of 10% of your bankroll. Due to outright match bets having just a 50% success rate, there are fewer safe bets within Hearthstone, when compared to other games. Also be sure not to bet in anger at having lost a bet, with this process a sure-fire way to lose vast amounts of money.

Hearthstone Stream (Twitch) at ggbet
Hearthstone Stream (Twitch) at ggbet

Hearthstone Betting FAQ

Here we will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Hearthstone betting, ensuring that you are 100% ready to begin wagering.

Is betting on Hearthstone legal?

Despite coming under much scrutiny in the past, betting on Hearthstone, as well as any other eSports game, is subject to the laws and regulations within your country or region. If betting on other sports is not legal where you are based, then this most likely goes for eSports betting also.

Where can I bet on Hearthstone?

A whole host of bookmakers and websites now offer real money wagering on Hearthstone, each of which range in terms of markets offered, live streaming and odds. You can select from a wide range of traditional sportsbooks, along with more modern, dedicated eSports sites. Check out our operator reviews for more information.

eSports Free Bet Offer every Week at Betway
eSports Free Bet Offer every Week at Betway

Where can I watch live Hearthstone matches?

Live Hearthstone action is becoming more and more common on a whole host of streaming platforms, with the likes of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter now showing high quality action, including LoL matches from major tournaments.

Which Hearthstone events can I bet on?

The number of Hearthstone events in which you can bet on will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, with traditional platforms tending to focus mainly upon major events. While some of the less recognised competitions are regularly available, they do not receive as much attention, meaning that markets tend to be limited.

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