StarCraft 2 Betting Sites

Uniting sci-fi gaming fans from all across the globe, StarCraft 2 is a popular futuristic themed RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game from Blizzard Entertainment. Having distinct gameplay that sets it apart from its competitors like CS:GO, LOL, Dota 2, etc. in the esports betting arena, StarCraft 2 boasts of a loyal fanbase who have shown their support for the game even in the betting markets.

Today, StarCraft 2 is featured in the most popular esports betting sites where punters cheer for their favourite players and place real money wager to make the events more thrilling and entertaining.

Available in multiple formats and playing style, COD is featured at some of the best online esports betting sites where punters can place a wager on their favourite team with real money. Although there are more modern titles like CS:GO, LOL, or Dota 2, the sheer aesthetic of this classic game is undeniable, and this is why one can bet on any of the 9 available COD titles at these betting sites.

That being said, you may come across a myriad of StarCraft2 betting sites that offer a good range of markets on this popular esports, but when it comes to odds, the value might be lower than average.

To save your research time for sorting out the best StarCraft 2 betting sites, here we have completed the tedious job and hand-picked the ones with the ultimate balance between service and offerings. Before you get into our expert-crafted StarCraft 2 betting basics, glance over the best StarCraft 2 sportsbooks here.

Best Betting Sites for StarCraft 2 Betting

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How StarCraft 2 is Played

A StarCraft 2 match can be played in 2v2 or 1v1 format, but in esports betting, 1v1 format is preferred. The first task in a match is to select one of the three available factions, and the competition takes place between the two players that choose the same faction. These factions include the following:


Zergs are tiny aliens that are larger in number. Their key strength is to defeat their opponents with their massive swarms.


The Protoss are the advanced aliens who comprise of smaller units and require attention to micromanagement.


Terrains consist of the human race, which is easier to play compared to the other factions.

As you can already assume, each faction comes with distinct features and abilities and requires different management systems to succeed. The gameplay is varied as well and is designed to suit individual player preferences.

Once the match starts, players gain control of resources to build hubs and units to prepare for the enemy attack. The player who succeeds in destroying the opponent’s base wins the match.

How We Rate the Best StarCraft 2 Betting Sites

The number of StarCraft 2 betting sites available on the internet may be astounding; however, that does not mean that all of them can cater to your punting needs. For this reason, we take into consideration numerous factors that help us pick the best StarCraft 2 betting sites for you. Here’s a small overview of our ranking process that you may find worth the read:

star icon

Markets – StarCraft 2 markets should be available regularly along with decent coverage of both major and minor SC 2 events. There should also be a good variety of bet types in a combo of popular and special game-specified ones.

odds iconOdds – Generally, odds are not that lucrative when it comes to StarCraft 2 betting. However, our suggested SC 2 betting sites must offer value odds on offered markets.

reputation iconLicense and Safety Measurements – Proper licensing and safety measurements are some of the key elements for punters who prefer betting with real money. As per our ranking, top StarCraft 2 betting performs should also have licenses from renowned jurisdictions like the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), Government of Curacao, Swedish Gambling Authority, etc. There should also be SSL encryption technology enabled on the sites for protecting the clients’ sensitive information.

bonus iconBonuses – Although there are not much SC2 related bonuses available at the betting sites, there should be decent esports related bonuses for utilising the free goodies on StarCraft 2 matches. There should also be regular promotions for the existing punters. In both cases, wagering requirements should be user-friendly and realistic.

website iconUser Interface – Any StarCraft 2 betting site or betting app should feature an easily navigable design and layout for effortless betting. There should be the latest updates on SC 2 events, hot tips, player stats, and other facilities to keep the players updated another the latest happenings.

payments iconBanking Options – There should be a good range of banking systems, including instant deposits and quick payouts.

support iconCustomer support – Customer support is another aspect that we focus on during our ranking process. Our selected StarCraft 2 betting sites should have live chat, email service, telephone service, and other mediums for providing customers with helpful information fast.

StarCraft 2 Betting Types

StarCraft 2 betting types are similar to other esports markets, but with a few game-specific bet types. Even though succeeding in most of the SC 2 betting types requires basic strategies, there may be few exceptions due to the offered factions. So, before you place a bet in one of the following bet types, be sure to check out the faction the match is on.


Outrights allow you to bet on the player that you think may win the entire tournament champion title. Outrights are harder to predict right, and therefore, offer a generous sum of winnings.

Match Winner

In a match-winner, you can bet on either of the two players competing against one another. This is one of the most common betting types that are available on almost every decent StarCraft 2 betting site.

Match Handycap

In Match handicap, one player is considered the favourite and another underdog. The bookmaker then determines a map-based advantage for the underdog player and a map-based disadvantage for the match favourite to balance the bet.

Punters can bet on either team and in a successful bet, can win money based on the odds set by the bookmaker.

Map Winner

Map Winner means that you get to place stakes on the player who may win a particular match. Betting on this market requires insight into individual player gameplay and match strategies.

Total Maps

Total Maps is one of the most popular StarCraft 2 betting types that is offered almost at every SC 2 sportsbook. In this bet type, you have to predict the total number of maps participated by both players in a single match. Usually, there is a set margin provided by the bookmaker and you are required to place a wager over or under the given number.


By Totals, we are indicating a variety of StarCraft 2 betting types that includes total rounds, resource totals, total scores, etc. The number of totals depends mostly on the bookmaker you choose.

Resource Player vs. Player

StarCraft 2 games have an abundance of resources like vespene gas, minerals, and other items. In Resource Player vs. Player, you have to place a wager on the player to gain the most resources within a given time frame (10 minutes in). Although this is an SC 2-specified market, not all bookmakers offer it.

ggbet starcraft2 odds
Some of the betting markets at

How to Place a Bet at a StarCraft 2 Betting Site?

Placing a bet on a StarCraft 2 betting site should take only about 5 minutes if you get the first task done – choosing a good sportsbook as per your betting style. You can either visit the bookmaker’s desktop or mobile site directly or download the mobile betting app. Wherever your heart lies, the next steps may include the following.

First of all, look for the “Join/Create Account/Register” button. It should be on top of the page and highlighted for locating easily. Follow the instructions given on-screen. Usually, it requires you to fill up a form with your personal details and banking information. It may take 3/4 steps and a few minutes. Note that you should provide authentic information only.

After registering at the sportsbook, wait for an email confirmation. Once you have received it, log in to the site with your user name and password. Next, select a welcome bonus as per your esports betting needs and make a deposit according to the wagering requirements.

Take time to explore the “Esports” section. Here you will find all the available events and markets under the “StarCraft 2” title.

To make a pre-match bet on StarCraft 2 event, select the match, click on the odds to add to your betting slip, and place a wager with a suitable amount. As for in-play betting on StarCraft 2, wait for a certain match, and place a wager when the match is in progress.

And of course, you can enjoy punting on your favourite StarCraft 2 teams by turning the notification on for the upcoming matches!

Which StarCraft 2 Events Can be Bet on?

Based on the recent statistics, it may be safe to state that StarCraft 2 has the best reception in South Korea. Most of the champion teams come from the region, and this is why it is not surprising that the major StarCraft 2 events are centred around this area as well.

However, you do not necessarily have to focus on South Korean tournaments only. You can also enjoy betting on SC 2 in these major championships featuring StarCraft 2.

IEM Katowice

Hosted at Spodek Arena, Katowice, IEM Katowice is the most prestigious StarCraft 2 tournament that is participated by 76 players and organised in a 1v1 format. The event is organised by the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and offers a massive prize pool of $400,000.

World Championship Series

World Championship Series is hosted annually by Blizzard Entertainment where major esports competitions take place among the best players across the globe. StarCraft 2 is also one of the esports titles in this series and its finals receive great attention from players and esports bettors alike.

starcraft2 event
Korean player Ace receiving the first place prize at Starcraft II IEM on March 4, 2011 in Hannover, Germany. (Francesco Carucci /

Intel Extreme Masters

Intel Extreme Masters is one of the most popular tournament series hosted by the ESL (Electronic Sports League). This is a globally known event and perfect for a head-start into StarCraft 2 betting.

Global StarCraft 2 League

Comprising of 2 seasons, the Global StarCraft 2 League is an annual event that takes place in Seoul, South Korea. This event is a joint venture of ESL and AfreecaTV and starts with 28 players competing in each season. It also has a huge prize pool of $140,000.

StarCraft 2 Betting Tips

Betting on any esports markets includes a few handy tips that can be applied to all available titles. Setting a budget and betting time, remaining up to date with the latest updates, prioritising entertainment over monetary value, etc. are some of the basic esports betting rules that you need to abide by regardless of the esports markets you choose, and it applies to betting on StarCraft 2 as well.

If you are already a seasonal or a regular attendee in the esports betting arena, then you probably already have a few betting strategies of your own from your first-hand experience in CS:GO or LOL betting. However, StarCraft 2 has a rather different gameplay than the other RTS style sports and therefore, requires a more refined set of strategies. Although you can easily form some strategies over time, here are a few pointers to help you get started on betting on StarCraft 2.

Compare Odds at Different Sportsbooks

Comparing odds is a great way to find the betting site with the best odds to start your StarCraft 2 betting. However, there is another added advantage to this strategy. By evaluating odds at a few sites, you can also get an idea about which team is more favoured by the majority of the sportsbooks. This will allow you to strategise your bets even better!

Check Out Race Win Percentage

As StarCraft 2 matches are more focuses on different races, you may want to look at the players’ matchup win rates over the last few seasons to understand his current stats. Websites like come in handy in these aspects as you can easily gain access to the leaderboard, and find a performance overview of each player, or a certain event.

Watch Live-Streaming of Pro Players

Playing the game yourself is by no doubt a great way to understand how the game works, but to have in-depth knowledge, you need to get inside the pro-players’ minds and learn about their views during the gameplay. An efficient and blood, sweat, and tear-free way to do this are to watch live streaming of the international StarCraft 2 events or individual player gaming sessions.

Value Skills over Rankings

Ranking helps you to single out the best of the best players, but when you want to try your luck on special StarCraft 2 markets, you will need a lot more in-depth knowledge that the rankings alone will not suffice. Therefore, you may have to assess the rankings, watch single-player performances, find out their key strengths and weaknesses, and place a bet accordingly.

Go for the Top-Tier StarCraft 2 Betting Sites

Your betting site selection may also play a significant role in how your StarCraft 2 betting experience may turn out. So, do not settle for less, opt for the highly-rated SC 2 sportsbooks to enjoy regular event coverage, a large range of markets, and value odds on StarCraft 2 matches.

StarCraft 2 Betting Sites – FAQ

Which StarCraft 2 format is used in esports betting?

Like the majority of the esports titles, StarCraft 2 can be played in a variety of formats, but when it comes to betting on StarCraft 2 matches, only 1×1 format is currently in operation to maintain the game’s betting values. This method applies to any StarCraft 2 matches from regional events, round-robin groups, single eliminations, double-elimination groups, and major tournament finals.

How can I earn money from StarCraft 2 betting?

Earning money from StarCraft 2 is possible if you register at a licensed and safe real money StarCraft 2 betting site, place a wager with one of the offered payment systems, and win the bet.

One point to be noted here, betting on StarCraft 2 should not be about getting rich or making a livelihood out of it. Instead, focus on the thrill and excitement of the game and hope for winning a decent sum from a successful bet.

Which is the best StarCraft 2 betting site?

The best StarCraft 2 betting site depends mostly on your betting style. It should offer a good range of markets, value odds, in-play bets, and other popular and exclusive StarCraft 2 bet types. To avoid the extra research time, you can start from any of our recommended StarCraft 2 betting sites that offer a combo of all these aspects.

Which StarCraft 2 markets offer the most popular betting types?

The most popular StarCraft 2 markets offer betting types like Match Handicaps, Match Winner, Tournament Winner, Total Maps, Map Winner, etc.

How much should I bet on StarCraft 2 matches?

Your bets on StarCraft 2 should be based on the amount you can afford to lose with ease. If you are new to StarCraft 2, we suggest that you start small and gradually increase your stake as per your previous bet outcomes.

Which StarCraft 2 tournaments are the most popular at the moment?

The most popular StarCraft 2 events at the moment are the IEM Katowice, World Championship Series Global Finals, Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, Global StarCraft 2 League, etc.