Betting Tip: vs Digital Chaos face Digital Chaos in group B of The International 2017 Dota 2 tournament.

The International 2017 –Group B – 21:00

Best Odd of: 1.75 at Betway


Best Odd of:2.20 at Betway

Digital ChaosDigital Chaos

Best Odd of: 12.00 at Betway

They are the number one team in the CIS region and one of the strongest teams in the world at the moment. As a result of their impressive performances in the last 4 months, received a direct invite at this year’s TI and have a good shot at winning the Aegis.

The team is coached by Ivan “ArtStyle” Antonov (a former Na`Vi player) and lead by Alexei “Solo” Berezin (a 26 years old, highly experienced Dota 2 player with multiple trophies under his belt). With their leadership, and thanks to the tremendous experience and talent of each player in the team, have climbed to the heights of the Dota 2 professional scene and are looking stronger than ever.

Among their recent results are two top finishes: a second place at The Kiev Major (where they lost the Grand Finals to OG, score 2-3), and a first place at The Summit 7 (where they won in a remarkable way: by not repeating a hero pick until the very last game of the tournament, at the score of 2-2 against Team Secret in the Grand Finals. They picked a staggering number of 81 different heroes and played a total of 17 games at this event.).

Digital Chaos

Digital ChaosDigital Chaos are the 3rd best team in the North American region and one of the tournament’s underdogs. They had to defy the odds multiple times to get to this year’s TI in the first place, going up against what were considered to be higher caliber teams in the North American qualifier. But, in spite of all this, they’re here, fighting under a banner that was honored at the previous TI by Digital Chaos’ former roster (which played in the Grand Finals of The International 2016 and left the organization in April this year).

Without any impressive results in recent months (except for qualifying for The International 2017 of course), it remains to be seen if the team has what it takes to upset the tournament’s giants. Perhaps the most important asset they have is Abed “Abed” Yusop, their world class 17 years old mid-laner and highest MMR player in the world (he was also the first to breach the 10K MMR limit).

Recent Performances

Virtuspro vs digital chaos performance
The Performce (Copyright:Betspawn)

Head To Head Record

With their current rosters, the two teams have only encountered each other once. It was at The Summit 7 tournament, in the lower bracket of the competition. won that match with the score of 2-1. Keep in mind though that engaged in an unprecedented experiment during that tournament, wanting to prove their critics wrong (they had been accused of having no versatility whatsoever after having picked the same heroes over and over again at The Kiev Major). So their drafts weren’t the strongest, as they were picking an entirely new set of 5 unique heroes each game – not for any tactical reason, but simply as a demonstration of strength.

Betting Odds And Predictions

Based on recent performances, are the clear favorites to win this dispute. They recently defeated strong teams like Cloud9 (former Team NP), to which Digital Chaos lost in the North American qualifier. Overall, are regarded as a top 3 contender for winning The International 2017, while Digital Chaos are no more than an underdog. So it’s tough to imagine anything other than a 2-0 result in favor of the CIS team for this match.

The Odds at GG.bets

Betway puts the odds at 1.95-2.20-6.70 in favor of Betspawn gives even better odds: 1.75-2.20-12.00 in favor of the CIS team.

A lot of special bets are available for this match on websites like and Among them, it’s well worth a bet that the games will last less than 40 minutes, and that will slay the first Roshan, as they are known to be a team who prefer to pick heroes like Ursa and Troll Warlord, win the early game, secure the first Roshan, and then snowball out of control.

Top Betting Tip

My top betting tip for this match is to win 2-0. They are one class above their opponents no matter what statistics you are looking at, and it’s going to be nearly impossible for Digital Chaos to take a game off them.