Accumulator bets

Many professional bettors prefer to wager on sports bets on single game and not to put their money on multiple games on the same ticket. But other bettors have a prefference to wager on combo ticket. Multiple bets can have, in the same time, advantages and disadvantages to single bets and it is recommended that each of you to cho0se the best option for his betting style.

What is a multiple bet?

Unlike single bets, where you are interested about one game, and at the end of that game you will know if your ticket was declared Won or Lost, then in multiple bet you have to wait the result of each game before to know if your ticket was declared Won or Lost. Multiple bet is the most popular bet type among bettors, offering the chance of big winnings with relatively small stakes.  Multiple bets can only be won if all selections included on the ticket are declared winnings.

After the multiple betting type, we can consider multiple bets in several ways:

  • Double bets – A double bet contains only two selections (Final result, HT/FT , Under/Over ) and is declared Won only if both selections from the ticket are successful.
  • Treble bets – A treble bets contains only three games (Final result, HT/FT , Under/Over ) and is declared Won only if all three selections from the ticket are successful.
  • Accumulator bets – A accumulator bets contains at minimum four games or more (Final result, HT/FT , Under/Over ) and is declared Won only if all selections from the ticket are successful.

Example of Accumulator bet:

Juvents – Napoli , Final Result X , Odd 3,40
Bayern Munchen – Borussia Dormund , Final Result 1 , Odd 2,25
Barcelona FC – Real Madrid , Half Time X , Odd 2,90
PSG – Monaco , Final Result X , Odd 3,10

Total odds for all four games are 68,77
Let`s say that a bettor will wager $/€ 100 , he have the chance to win $/€ 6877 . But to win this amount of money all four games must be declared Won. But $/€6877 – $/€100 ( from the pocket ) = $/€6777 profit
If the same bettor wager $/€ 100 on each game, his total winning is $/€ 1165  ( 100 x 3.4 = 340 , 100 x 2,25 = 225 , 100 x 2.90 = 290 , 100 x 3,10 = 310 ). But $/€1165 – $/€400 ( from the pocket ) = $/€765 profit

The advantages and disadvantages of multiple bets


  • Such a ticket usually has a higher share. By winning it you can generate a quick win. However, you need to be aware that in order to win such a ticket you need a lot of luck.
  • Many bookmakers ( online and offline ) offer multiple wagering bonuses ranging from a few percent and up to 50% – 100% depending on the agency, the number of matches on the ticket, and the odds played. The idea is that multiple bets can bring alongside normal earnings and a bonus that can be very consistent.


  • The more events we have on a ticket, the higher the odds, the higher the probability of losing the ticket increase. Of course, by analyzing matches and betting on arguments, we will reduce our luck and rely more on our analysis.
  • The problem with a multiple ticket is that we have to hit a consecutive number of correct bets on the same ticket. For exemple: You wager on 20 tickets ( 5 games on each ticket ) and you will lose one game on ticket. Although you would have a 80% succes rate, you practically did not get any money because “you were not lucky.”

Accumulator bets that fail

  • Draw No Bet – The odds offered are obviously lower, but it is worth adding such bets because they cover you if some results are not what you expect.
  • Bet on favorites with low odds to win – We are talking about those teams that bookmakers consider to be almost certain winners in their matches. Not always the favorites win, but theoretically the smaller the odds, the better their chances of winning.
  • Bet on major competitions – The more important a competition, the more bookmarks anticipate the real chances of a team winning the match they are in. If you bet your favorites in second hand championship games, you will have many surprises, especially if you do not know the competition.


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