5 Top Tips For Successful Sports Betting

The sports betting industry is big business around the world. Every day, millions of punters will be placing bets on various sports, from football, tennis to synchronised swimming. Now, everyone who places a bet thinks or hopes that it will go in their favour. Today we will be looking at some ways that may help improve the chances of betting on sports successfully.

Think long term, not short term

A lot of punters betting on sports tend to favour chasing bigger winnings. These usually come via betting on an accumulator for example, where multiple teams or results are selected. Trying to get rich quick, or win a lot of money in the space of a couple of bets does happen but is extremely rare. It’s very unusual that someone would see an accumulator of say six teams, or more included actually pay out. Some people are attracted to it because of the potential windfall but it’s not really the route yo success, and it’s not a sustainable strategy either.

You are better betting in singles, with the odd double or treble thrown in. The more teams or legs in an accumulator, the more likely one is to let you down. If you have the self-discipline and control to chase smaller profits, letting them build up over time, you’re more likely to end up a winner more often.

So resist the urge to chase unrealistic wins and aim for winning smaller and more often rather than hitting the jackpot once.

Bet on what you know

This may seem quite a simple tip, but many people bet on things they have no clue about, just for the sake of betting and the chance of winning something. A stable platform for anyone to start with in sports betting is to bet on what they actually know about and stick to it.

If you know about Premier League football, use it to your advantage. You’ll have a better chance of winning because you’ll know which teams usually get three points, who usually scores the goals etc. You’ll recognise trends a lot more easily if it’s something you’re watching or reading about regularly. It’s also more fun to bet on something you generally have an interest in too. Stick to what you know.

Bet sensibly

You can look at this in more than one way. Betting sensibly could mean not chasing the big wins, sticking to a strategy of winning small more often. The real tip here would be to bet with your head and not your heart. Have a plan and stick to it no matter what. Don’t let the emotion or drama of the event you’re betting on sway you. Fairytale results are rare.

Before you place a bet, you should know what you can and can’t afford to lose. Betting responsibly is always the way to go. Know your limits and never cross them. What you tend to get is when people lose a bit, they’ll chase the loss. This isn’t the way to go in betting. You’re not thinking clearly when you’re chasing losses, trying to recoup the money. You’re panicking.

Have a plan in place and stick to it, to the letter. If you lose, walk away. That way you’ll only have lost as much as you can afford to lose and will live to fight another day.

Do your research

Research can really give you the upper hand when it comes to betting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sport you know inside out, it always pays to study each bet you place, in depth. If it’s a team sport, are there injuries? You have to take everything into account before you place the bet to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Look at trends and statistics, see if you can spot anything that will give you a bigger chance of being successful. Having a hunch or a gut feeling is all well and good, but it is unlikely to reap you big profits over the long term.

Don’t bet when drunk

Now the other tips have really been tips on what to do, rather than what not to do. Betting when drunk is a big no-no, no matter what the circumstances. When you’re under the influence of alcohol, you will lose your discipline. Your strategy, and potentially the profit you have built up will go out of the window and fast.

When you’re drunk, you’re prone to taking bigger risks, chasing those huge payouts. If you lose, you’ll also be more likely to throw even more money at it trying to reclaim your losses and then some. All your hard work in sticking to a strategy could end up being for nothing.

Enjoy it

Betting is enjoyable for millions of people, especially when they win. There are numerous tips out there that could assist you in winning and winning more often. Put a few into practice and see if you end up being more successful in sports betting.

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