Dunstall Park Racecourse

Dunstall Park Racecourse is situated near the picturesque town of Wolverhampton, widely regarded to be Britain’s cultural capital. Dunstall Park Racecourse is distinguished as the only fully-floodlit racecourse in Britain, illuminating the all-weather Polytrack. Holding both flat and National Hunt events, Dunstall Park Racecourse is one of Britain’s most adaptable racecourses.

Dunstall Park Racecourse is situated just off the A449 and is simple to get to thanks to Wolverhampton’s outstanding town planning and road network. Wolverhampton train station is just five minutes walk from the course, or an hour by car.

Dunstall Park Racecourse’s course is a one-mile left-handed oval – very tight with a two-furlong run-in.

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