Combi bet strategy – Explanation & Example for acca bet

Combi bet strategy – Explanation & Example for acca bet

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What is a combi bet?

A combi bet, also called a combination bet, is a type of bet where you combine several bets into a single bet. With this type of bet, all the odds of all your separate bets are multiplied by each other.

Therefore, if you predict all your bets correctly, you can get very high payouts with a small bet. In fact, the combined odds of all the selections in a combination bet quickly run high.

There is also a downside, of course. A combination bet involves a lot of risk. The risk of losing your combination bet is a lot higher than if you place a single bet, for example.

Which bets can you combine?

If you want to place a combination bet, you have very many options for combining bets and matches. For example, you can combine several matches such as: “Ajax and Groningen both win their match”. Another option is to combine a winner of one match with an exact result of another match. You could also combine the number of goals scored in match A with the winner of match B.

Combination betting is especially popular in football. However, it is also possible to make a combi bet on, for example, basketball and tennis matches.

When you combine two bets, this is called a double. If you combine three different bets, this is a treble. The most well-known variant of this type of bet is the accumulator, also called the acca bet.

An acca is combining four (or more) different bets. Sometimes it is also referred to as folds. For instance, a sixfold is a combination of six different bets.

A special type of combo bet: the acca or accumulator

As mentioned, an accumulator (or acca) is a special type of combi bet. This is because with this type of bet, you combine at least four single bets. Of course, you can also combine five, six or more bets.

The advantage of an acca is that you can combine a large number of bets to achieve better odds. This is especially useful if there are four or more favourites, each of which has a high chance of winning. This allows you to increase your odds and therefore payout a lot more than what would be the case if you had placed four separate single bets.

The biggest drawback to the acca is the high risk involved. Should you get one of the four bets wrong, you immediately lose your entire bet. This is therefore true even if you got the other three correct. It is therefore important not to take unnecessary risky bets on an acca bet.

How does an acca bet work?

In this example, we will assume an acca with four bets in four different matches.

  • Arsenal wins over Chelsea (1.54)
  • Man City wins over Leicester (1.60)
  • Willem II against AZ sees more than 1.5 goals scored (1.40)
  • Real Madrid wins over Espanyol (1.35)

When you combine these four bets, you have to multiply all the odds. Suppose you bet £10 on this acca. The combined odds you obtain via the accumulator are 4.65 (1.54 x 1.60 x 1.40 x 1.35).

If you guessed all four matches correctly, you will get £46.5 back on your £10-bet (10 x 4.65 = 46.5) by using the accumulator.

However, if you predicted one (or more) of the bets wrong (e.g. Chelsea and Arsenal play equal), you will lose your full bet and full stake, even if you predicted the 3 other bets correctly.