How you can make Free Bets work for you?

Usually in life, when you’re offered something for nothing, you might be sceptical. But when it comes go betting, sometimes you do get the chance to profit from a giveaway. Welcome to the world of Free Bets!

What is a Free Bet?

Quite simply, a free bet is a bet that comes without a cost. If you take a free bet and it wins, then the profits are converted to cash and you can withdraw the money just like a normal winning bet. Bookmakers often use Free Bets as a way to bring new customers in, though sometimes they are also available to existing customers. Free Bets are used extensively by modern bookmakers to attract business in a highly competitive market.

Best Free Bet Offers

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The Four Flavours of Free Bets

Assessing which kind of Free Bet is right for you can be tricky when there are so many to choose from, but to help you narrow the choice down, there are broadly four types:

Matched Free Bet

This is the type of Free Bet you’ll see most often. Generally offered to newbies, the Matched Free Bet is sometimes made available to customers who haven’t used their online accounts for a while as a way to encourage them to become active. With a matched Free Bet, when a customer opens an account and makes a deposit, the bookmaker will match it with a Free Bet of the same size. Free Bets usually come with a minimum and maximum stake condition and usually relate to a specific event, such as a major horse race or football match.

No deposit Free Bet

These Free Bets are relatively rare, and are given to new customers simply for opening their account, without having to make any deposits. Just like the Matched Free Bet, these Free Bets are usually focused on a particular event, and may have other conditions attached, including a time limit before you are able to withdraw any winnings.

Formatted Free Bet

This is a Free Bet awarded when a customer reaches certain stages of betting. Usually, the customer is required to make a bet at each stage of the offer, which the bookmaker matches, but the total Free Bet amount will not be available until all stages have been met. Many bookmakers tie their Formatted Free Bet offers to specific events, such as the Champions League, and there are often other conditions attached to these Free Bets, including the requirement to spend the initial deposit amount four or five times.

Qualifying Free Bet

These Free Bets are generally available to new or existing customers if they place a specified number or type of bet, usually associated with an event during a certain match, such as a named player scoring a goal. If the customer bets on the specified event and loses, they earn a Qualifying Free Bet, which they can use in the same way as other Free Bets.

Are Free Bets worth it?

As with every other part of your betting strategy, you should study the terms and conditions of a Free Bet offer before deciding it is right for you, paying attention to time limits and to minimum staking levels. But providing you take care to do this, there is no doubt that Free Bets can be a useful way to make the most of your betting, without risking any money. For the careful punter, Free Bets can be a profitable part of their betting portfolio.