Betway 4 To Score £25k weekly prediction game

Prediction games are a great way to try and rustle up some big returns and they are generally fun to play because most that you will find at betting sites are actually free to play, such as Betway’s 4 To Score prediction game. This test of skill and luck gives the customer the chance to win £25,000 each week by simply picking the team that you think will score the first goal across the top four tiers of English football.

All that you need to have a shot at the Betway 4 To Score promotion is an account with them and each customer will get one free entry per week. The prize pot in this offer, as stated above is £25,000 and the predictions will all be on matches that kick off at 3pm on a Saturday unless otherwise stated. So ready to put your powers of prediction to the test?

Each week you will have to pick which team you think will score first from the Premier League, the Championship, League One and League Two. The first team scoring in each of the divisions will obviously be based on time and if two teams from the same league score in the same minute (e.g. 03:00 to 03:59) then both teams will be deemed as winners.

betway 4 to score
Fig.: Betway 4 to score offer

Offer Details

You are only looking at the first goal in the individual matches, not the time of day. So if a game kicks off at 5.30pm in the promotion and the first goal is scored after 5 minutes, for example, that would beat a 3.00 pm kick where the first goal is scored in the 7th minute. But as mentioned, most of the games in the Betway 4 To Score will be from 3pm kick offs.

If two players are lucky enough to correctly pick the first team who scores in all four divisions, then the prize pot will be split. There are no rollovers on the Betway 4 To Score prize, so if the pot isn’t won one week, it won’t roll over to the next one. It’s just the flat £25k each week up for offer, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

So that is it. Four correct predictions can land you a life changing sum of money. You can also enjoy the Betway Plus loyalty scheme that is open to all customers, which gives you rewards for betting on sports with them.