Betting Tips: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ray Borg

Ray Borg is the latest man to go for the pound-for-pound champion, Demetrious Johnson at UFC 215. This fight has taken on a whole new meaning after the recent controversy around Johnson and UFC’s Dana White.

White and Johnson had a dispute after White tried to set up a fight between Johnson and TJ Dillashaw. However, Johnson didn’t want that fight as he felt that Borg was the more worthy opponent.

Borg now comes into this fight from leftfield and that could be a great place to go from, because there have never been so much pressure on Demetrious Johnson to win a fight. Also, Borg is no bum – this man really does know how to fight and he will be happy to be fighting a complacent Johnson.

Demetrious Johnson form

Johnson’s form has only gone in one way – the win column. He is possibly the greatest fighter that the UFC has ever seen and hasn’t ever really even been tested in the 125 division.

Mighty Mouse’s last loss came a long-time ago against future Hall of Fame-r Dominick Cruz. Cruz won that fight six years ago – yes, six years ago. This man has not gone into the Octagon and come out a loser in six years. That is an amazing record and one he will be keen to continue.

Ray Borg form

Borg has eleven wins to his name and only two losses. His last loss came against Justin Scoggins in February 2016, but he has looked impressive in his two fights since. His other loss came against Dustin Ortiz.

He isn’t an invincible fighter, but he’s not a fool either. He is well able to cook up a storm and may put up a great fight against a Johnson who might not be expecting a challenge at the top level.


The news which dominated this UFC fight was Johnson refusing to fight TJ Dillashaw. Fans of Johnson believe this is because Borg is a more worthy challenger, while detractors reckon it is because the 125 is afraid of the challenge that Dillashaw represents.

There is no doubt that Dillashaw would be a tougher fight. He is bigger, tougher and quicker than Borg, but Borg should not be overlooked. He is a good fighter who knows how to end a fight.


Betway are offering 4/1 for Ray Borg to cause a massive surprise and end Demetrious Johnson’s amazing winning streak? Do we think it could happen? Yes, we do.

Here’s why? Johnson’s well-publicised argument with UFC’s matchmakers will have taken his mind off the fight. Thus, he may not have prepared as well as he may have otherwise. When you are fighting at this level, you need to get your preparation completely right.

Also, with Dana White saying he may scrap the 125 division due to Johnson’s non-compliance. When you know that your whole career, as well as those around you, depends on you – that is a lot of pressure on one fighter.

Johnson is a fighter who has never dealt with this sort of pressure, so we think this is the fight where he finally loses.