Betting Tip: Cody Garbrandt vs TJ Dillashaw  

Everyone is talking about UFC 217. Of course, there is another big fight in the boxing ring coming up, but when it comes to pure MMA, the UFC’s next visit to Madison Square Garden is an absolutely massive one.

GSP is taking on Michael Bisping for the middleweight crown, but that’s not the only bout that’s going to throw a few fireworks out. Cody Garbrandt is fighting TJ Dillashaw and these two really don’t like each other. They faced off as part of the Ultimate Fighter series and were supposed to fight much earlier in the year. Garbrandt, the 135 champ, had back issues so had to drop out from the fight.

Garbrandt form

The champion is unbeaten and his last fight was an amazing performance against Dominick Cruz, arguably the greatest 135 fighter ever. Garbrandt is arguably the second biggest name in the UFC at the moment. The biggest is obviously Conor McGregor, who he previously had a beef with.

His latest beef is with Dillashaw, who McGregor called a snake in the grass after he left the gym where Garbrandt trains at. Dillashaw is a former Alpha Male fighter and many feel that he betrayed his former team mates by moving gym. Hence, this is more than just a normal fight for Garbrandt.

Dillashaw form

Dillashaw was on a good run and even managed to win the title, but he couldn’t hold onto it. Dominick Cruz dominated him in decision win in Dillashaw’s last loss. He has won two on the bounce since, but hasn’t faced off against anyone the level of Garbrandt.

The big question of this fight will be whether or not Dillashaw can tolerate Garbrandt’s top-notch striking skills. In the game of MMA, there are few people better than Cody. He is a top-class boxer who will definitely land a few good hits on Dillashaw’s chin. Whether the former Alpha Male fighter can tolerate that is another matter entirely.

Garbrandt v Dillashaw Coral odds
Fig.: Coral odds Garbrandt vs Dillashaw


There was no love lost when these two were coaching together on the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter. Many felt as though the current 135lb champ was bullying Dillashaw and that he took it too far during certain segments. It didn’t help that Uriah Faber was there stirring the pot either. However, Dillashaw is no schoolboy and will realise that he wasn’t entirely innocent during any of the disputes.

Betting tips

Garbrandt was at a different level during his fight with Dominick Cruz. He was cracking Cruz with perfect punches, break-dancing and just being brilliant. Dillashaw is a talented fighter, but we do not think he is as talented as Cruz. Thus, it’s hard to look past Garbrandt retaining his gold in this fight. He is just too strong a fighter for Dillashaw. The 4/5 that Coral are offering for a win looks just too good to be true to us, so we are sticking a whole bunch of money on the current champion.