Betting on Football – Things to Consider

Football betting is one of the most popular and competitive betting markets out there today. You only need to watch the TV for a few hours to be bombarded with betting adverts targeting football fans with offers and sign up bonuses to realise just how popular it has become. But do you really know what to look for when placing your bets on the beautiful game?

In this article I will take you over some of the main things to consider when choosing which teams to bet on at 3pm on a Saturday. Before anything else, you need to remember just how unpredictable football is; nothing is a sure-fire bet in football.

Even if Manchester United are huge favourites to beat a lower league side in the FA Cup, it may still not happen. The unpredictability is one of the reasons football is so popular, so never take anything for granted when placing your bets. You should also consider the following things when placing your bets;

Injuries and Suspensions

Always, always read a match preview before you bet on a game to find out the team news for either side. You don’t want to place a bet on a team to then realise that their two best players are out injured once the game starts. Do your research and check on both team’s injuries and suspensions before placing your bet.

Recent Results

Take a look at both team’s recent form when looking to place a bet, don’t just look at their position in the league. Team A could be in 5th place, but have failed to win any of their last 6 games, whilst Team B could be in 13th place, but be on a run of four wins in a row. Just because a team is higher up the table, doesn’t necessarily mean they are a sure fire winner.

Head to Head

Look back at previous results between the two teams you are betting on; some teams have bogey teams who they always struggle against and some lower table sides have big teams who they always do well against. An example of this would be Crystal Palace and Liverpool; despite Liverpool being the better side, in recent years they have struggled to beat Crystal Palace, both at home and away. So, that is something to consider when placing your bet.

Football tactics

Fixture List

Keep an eye on team’s fixture lists. Are the players likely to be tired due to having played just a few days previously? Does the team have a big European game or a cup semi-final in the coming week? These are things to consider, because a side may be resting players in the game you are betting on and therefore you should steer clear of them.

Knowledge of the Teams

As a general rule of thumb, only bet on teams and leagues that you know something about. Betting on two teams in the Turkish 2nd Division is unlikely to result in a great outcome for you if you don’t know anything about the teams you are betting on. Don’t be tempted to stray from the leagues you have good knowledge of just because of good odds.

Read Betting Previews

Finally, reading betting tips and previews will help you win. Obviously no one can ever know for certain what will happen in football, but if you find a tipster who seems to have a decent track record then you should read their tips and previews and take them into consideration when placing your bets.

As you can see, there are a number of things to consider when betting on football. Whether you are just betting for fun or looking to make money, do your research, only bet what you can afford and win!