In-Play betting – The Best Live Betting Consoles

If you’ve ever placed a bet, then started watching the game and quickly realised you’ve already lost that money, then you’ll understand why in-play betting has become so popular. On many sports betting sites this relatively new concept is a key feature, accounting for around 80% of all bets placed online. In-play puts the customer in control, letting you make predictions about a game or race after viewing it for a while. The ability to predict an outcome whilst the action is still developing adds dynamism to the process of placing a wager, but a host of extra features, like live streaming, up to the minute statistics, and commentary, make the experience even more enjoyable for players.

Which sport betting bookmaker was able to convince us?

Inplay IconFor many fans this type of betting is more attractive than conventional options because of its immediacy. You can take stock of the action prior to placing a bet, an advantage that can often be worth way more than stats and research. Most in-play wagers are only taken on events which will be televised live, so you can assess how things are going for a while before acting, and even alter your position during a game to manage your losses. In the same way, you can add lines to your list while an event is in motion, betting on which team or player will score next, which player will get booked next, and the times of these events.

Which sites have the top live betting consoles?

There are seven major UK sportsbooks which deliver excellent in-play betting opportunities. Here’s a look at what they each have to offer

Paddy Power

The Paddy Power in-play section is impressively large and can be reached right from the home page start menu. Here you can see which events are being covered, typically around fourteen, and which will start soon. You can choose a specific sport to see all the live play markets on offer and watch games as well, so long as you have money in your account. It may not be the most streamlined of platforms but Paddy Power provide competitively priced odds on a decent range of events, supported by plenty of information on the various sports. For football fans, this bookmaker has included more than 30 live betting markets for major games, along with a schedule of forthcoming matches on the right side of the screen, and the chance to ‘Favourite’ games to keep them handy for later.

Paddy Power In-Play Betting

Paddy Power In-Play Betting

Ladbrokes In-Play: excellent live betting markets and nice streaming

The Ladbrokes in-play console works very smoothly and is made up of ten different sports, including; basketball, table tennis and football. There are numerous markets for each, 25,000 in all, and you can view games statistics, along with live scores while you browse. The live events which are screened here include cricket, football, horseracing and tennis, all of which can be viewed by account holders with a positive balance. The live betting interface is designed to respond intuitively to customers, the front page shows each current event and these can be clicked for details. You’ll see the odds, game information and the option to watch a live stream if it’s available for that game. Odds change frequently at Ladbrokes, so get in quick if you see an opportunity, before changes in the match become more obvious and are acted on by the site.

Ladbrokes In-Play Tennis

Ladbrokes In-Play Tennis

William Hill: good selection of sports and easy-to-use

As you’d expect, the self proclaimed ‘Home of Betting’ certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to in-play wagers. The live section is well set out with a clear interface and simple navigation controls. You can select one of the six in-play sports available, or click to the right to choose from the entire range of fifty four events. Within these matches and games there are 1471 markets and the coverage is exceptional when it comes to live football matches. Live bets are very quick and easy to place, which is essential because in any one football game you could have more than fifty markets on offer. These vary from UK League One fixtures, to World Cup qualifiers and international friendlies. The William Hill app is one of the best around, making it ideal for people who like to play on the move.

William Hill Horse Racing

William Hill Horse Racing

Bet Victor: straightforward and user friendly design

Very similar in style to the Bet 365 console, the in-play betting area at Bet Victor is fast, sleek and highly usable. To help you keep track of where odds are falling or rising there are red and green icons to highlight each movement. There’s also a table featuring each up and coming live event, so you can plan ahead. Instead of high-tec aesthetics, Bet Victor has gone for a more straightforward design theme that does exactly what you want it to do without any distractions. There are just two columns, one representing current games and one with events taking place in the next hour or twenty four hours. If you’re new to this type of betting, this clean interface could be a more preferable option. Better still, there are nine sports, including basketball, football and volleyball, along with enough markets to keep each event interesting.

Sky Bet: detailed inside information and betting tips

Sky Bet have a well-made in-play betting console that’s rendered in tones of calming blue with great images, and splashes of green and red to show where odds are changing rapidly. On the homepage you can view each of the seven sports they have available, from basketball to ice hockey, volleyball to handball, badminton to tennis and football. From here you can navigate to the heart of each live event and place bets while the action takes place in front of you. Live wagers are placed by clicking on a set of odds, then choosing your stake – it’s that simple. With football matches statistics are provided in a running feed, giving details on possession and goal scoring to give you a little inside information, but this doesn’t happen with the majority of sports. Sky Bet has really invested in market options and there are plenty to browse through for each event – especially tennis and football games. The odds are competitive enough to make opening an account worthwhile and there’s also a Cash Out option.

Sky Bet Horse Racing

Example: Sky Bet Horse Racing

Coral: new design with customizable features

The long awaited revamp of the Coral in-play betting console has now happened and the area’s home page is vastly improved. A central panel shows which bets can be made immediately, which sports are live at that moment and which will be live later. It’s possible to change which events are shown by selecting or deselecting a tick, this provides a useful degree of customisation and enables you to just see the sports you enjoy. If you’re interested in a specific event, you can click on it to see a roundup of all the latest statistics and odds. There are eight sports to choose from, including snooker, ice hockey, greyhound racing, and football, plus more than fifty markets on some fixtures. If you’re betting on a live event that’s not being streamed, you can always listen to Coral Radio for commentary on football, horseracing and cricket.

Why go for live bets over pre-match wagers?

Experienced players often prefer in-play betting because its volatile nature provides the chance to place great value bets. On the biggest sporting events it can be hard to locate generous odds on the pre-match market, but during the game things can shift quickly, especially during moments of uncertainty. This is particularly true of football where so many games kick off with an odds-on favourite, which soon begins to crumble after an early lead. These are fantastic opportunities that can only be capitalised on in-play, as a pre-game stake might have seemed too risky. If the bookmaker offers in-play along with Cash Out options, you can bet on an event that’s still taking place and also collect your winnings before it ends, providing you with even more flexibility.

What to look for in a live betting console

The most popular in-play betting consoles have software that is regularly updated, ensuring their service remains the best it can be across live streaming and betting. In a fast paced environment, the players experience needs to be as seamless as possible, with minimal lag and very little downtime. Here are a few factors to consider when you’re looking for a solid online bookmaker for your next live bet.

Live betting

How accessible is the overview area?

When you visit an online bookmaker with an in-play console you will usually have to click through to the live overview area. Here all the major events and the corresponding heavyweight bets to place on them are shown. The page has various sections, so it’s worth taking some time to look around and find the best priced bets. When you switch between devices the overview will render differently because of the smaller screen space on a phone or tablet compared to a PC. The app won’t look vastly different, but you may be presented with differently grouped sections and less columns. Usually this is not a problem with the biggest online bookmakers, as they are keen to attract mobile users and invest well in the design of their apps.

Are all events clearly displayed?

When you’ve got an event lined up, you’ll be taken to another area to view the kinds of bet available for that specific match or event. If you click through before the live action begins you’ll need to wait for the statistics and other information to appear in a box above the wagers. For a snooker game you could expect to see details about century breaks, frame results, fouls, etc. These details, along with the biggest bets and other smaller offerings, should all be presented in an uncluttered way, with clearly marked links to other areas if necessary.

How well does the multi-view function perform?

Using a multi-view section you can customise the way a live console looks, making it the ideal space for the way you like to bet. In effect this area lets you create your own homepage, then populate it with the kind of fixtures which interest you by dragging them over from other parts of the site. If this degree of utility appeals to you, then you’ll need to stick with major sites like Paddy Power and Bet 365, as most smaller bookies don’t provide multi-view pages to their clients.

What is the quality of the console’s live graphics?

Again Ladbrokes leads the field with live graphics of great quality that add excitement to games which cannot be broadcast live. Streaming undoubtedly enhances the in-play betting experience, but with a limit on the number of games available online, bookmakers have had to become inventive. You won’t hear or see the action, but with a good live graphics display you can still get a feel for what is happening on the pitch and understand more about how a game is progressing.

Does the console have a Cash Out feature?

The Cash Out facility offered by many live betting consoles is relatively new, but has been received well. Using this you can choose the fate of your bets, before the wager is due to close. This is possible if you are in a winning position but you lack the confidence to continue. You can Cash Out a bet, take a proportion of your winnings, and avoid potentially higher losses.

Netbet Promotions

Netbet Promotions

Is live betting right for me?

If you gamble because you enjoy the sense of risk and the buzz of excitement, in-play betting could well suit your tastes. It represents a fun new challenge for accomplished clients, but can also appeal to beginners who are prepared to invest time in learning more about how it works. Unlike pre-play bets, these wagers are more about using your instincts and observing the action closely to gauge what might happen next.

Is live betting properly regulated?

The short answer is yes, you can place live bets with confidence. All the major UK in-play betting consoles are monitored by the British Gambling Commission and other official bodies like eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing) and ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity). Therefore live events are regularly checked and audited by independent experts, to ensure they conform to laws around fair gaming, the operators conduct, and protection for players.

Can you place quick bets?

Paddy Power, Coral and Ladbrokes provide a fast betting feature for their players, but not all online bookmakers have followed suit. It enables you to put down a bet within a matter of seconds, just by pressing an On/Off button. This function has to be set up prior to the event, but fast bets are ideal for sports where the odds change in moments, like tennis.

Market coverage on in-play consoles

Most customers prefer a wide range of markets on a live betting platform; football and horse racing alone are rarely enough to keep even novices engaged with a site. That’s why the best live betting consoles provide the widest possible selection of markets for their players, from major fixtures to obscure football matches, handball, badminton and volleyball. Online betting operators have a rich collection of sports with enough diversity to keep everyone interested. Before you sign up it makes sense to look through a bookmakers live portfolio to ensure what they can offer meets your requirements.

Is there an app to compliment the full site?

It’s reasonable to expect a good quality app to carry the betting experience over seamlessly between your PC, tablet and phone. If you don’t plan to manage your account or place bets on the go, then this feature will be less important, but the swift nature of in-play betting will mean that a well-designed mobile app a is a must for most players. They allow you to log on whenever it’s convenient and ensure you never miss out on an event, or great value odds. Check for a bookmaker’s app on their website, at the App Store, or on Google Play.