Sure Bet Finder

Sure Bet Finder

Sports fans who place a bet do so with the aim of making a profit. However, the truth is that most gamblers end up losing, as many existing betting strategies prove ineffective. One way of gambling that we would recommend though is the surebet system.

Sure Bet Finder

What is a sure bet?

A sure bet is an arbitrage situation that allows the gambler to bet on opposite outcomes of the event and make a profit regardless of the outcome. Such situations seem to occur because bookmakers do not have time to react to odds or as a result of competition between bookmakers, which encourages them to jack up the odds. In exceptional cases, sure bets appear on websites due to errors.

Types of Surebet

Currently, arbitrage situations are sorted according to several parameters: the number of outcomes and start time. The simplest arbitrage situation sorted by the number of outcomes consists of two bets that contradict each other. However, 3-result-surebets are also common. There are also arbitrage situations with 4-5 outcomes, but these are quite rare.

Arbitrage situations are initially divided into Prematch and Live. Prematch-surebets appear in events that start in a while. It is much easier to work with such events because here you have more time to prepare. Live surebets appear with events in real time. This requires you to act quickly, but on the other hand, they usually have higher return rates.

What do surebets look like?

  • B1 – H1 (-1.5) = @ 1.83, H2 (+1.5) = @ 2.13
  • B2 – H1 (-1.5) = @ 2.06, H2 (+1.5) = @ 1.85

Here we see the odds for two different bookmakers (B1 and B2) for La Liga, and specifically the bets for handicap (1 and H2). Regular punters have no idea what these quotas mean, but the seasoned aribtrage-better will note that H2 (+1.5) with B1 and H1 (-1.5) with B2 constitute an arbitrage bet, as the odds are higher than 2.0. By betting these outcomes simultaneously, the bettor gets a profit regardless of the outcome.

However, we should bear in mind that the example contains the simplest, clearest and rarest surebet. In fact, the search and calculation can be time-consuming, so punters use the services of specialised bookmaker scanners.

Advantages of the betting arbitrage service for betting games

The working principle of arbitrage services lies in collecting and analysing data from huge amounts of bookmaker lines with further issuance to customers. All leading arbitrage scanners have a built-in calculator that allows you to estimate your bet. Arbitrage gambling (surebets) can really help a bettor beat a bookmaker, but to make money with this strategy, you need to learn to search quickly and be able to calculate arbitrage situations