What is Draw No Bet betting?

What is Draw No Bet betting?

shutterstock 1228238821 1Draw no bet, as the name suggests, is a type of bet where the bet is cancelled in case of a draw. Your money is returned to your playing account in this scenario. This is where the draw no bet differs from a regular bet. Indeed, with a regular 1×2 bet, you would lose your stake in case of a draw, if you did not bet on a draw.

When is it best to use a Draw no bet?

Reducing your risk of loss

If you want to use your play money for as long as possible, you need to minimise the chances of losing all your money at once. A logical way to do this is by eliminating possible loss scenarios.

In a draw no bet, a draw leads to the cancellation of the bet. As a result, you are less likely to lose your bet. This could protect you, for example, against two teams playing too defensively because taking 1 point is a lot better for them than taking no points and playing for the 3 points is not worth the risk for either team.

Good when betting on defensive teams

Defensive teams are more likely to draw. They swallow few goals against, but don’t score many goals themselves either. By eliminating the chance of losing your bet in a draw, betting on defensive teams becomes a lot more attractive to you.

The draw no bet strategy is also a good strategy if you bet on leagues that have a lot of defensive teams like the series A.

You don’t want an anticlimax

When betting, you want to get as much excitement and fun out of your play money as possible. A 0-0 score at the end of 90 minutes is unfortunately not much fun, and especially not if you suddenly lose all your play money as a result.

A draw no bet ensures that such boring results without a winner are eliminated and you simply get your money back. This is because the bet is cancelled if the match ends in a draw.

Good for group stages

Another important advantage is that draw no bet football bets are ideal for tournament matches, when those tournaments have reached their elimination rounds. Instead of losing when a match goes to extra time, the draw no bet football option guarantees the cancellation of the bet. Your bet is simply refunded.

Why not draw no bet bets?

One of the biggest downsides to draw no bet football betting and draw no bet rules is the fact that the odds for this type of bet are a lot lower than the odds for regular sports betting. With a regular single bet, where you do lose your stake if the match ends in a draw and you guessed wrong, the odds are usually a lot higher. When there is a clear favourite, who scores a lot and has a strong defence, it is probably a better idea to go for the classic bet.

Example of the ‘draw no bet’ bet

Dortmund is playing against Juventus. Both teams are already certain to go to the next round of a tournament because they are in the first 2 in their group. Juventus are clearly the better team and get a odds of 1/2.

You want to place a bet on winning Juventus because you like the odds and think Juventus is the better team. However, you are not entirely comfortable with it because the teams have nothing left to play for. Also, both teams are rather defensive-minded.

In this case, the draw no bet is a good option to avoid losing your bet due to a draw. Just keep in mind that the odds will be lower as you are taking less risk. In this scenario, instead of 1/2, Juventus will probably get a quote of 4/11.