Sports Spread Betting – Betting In-Running

Spread Betting – Betting In-Running

One of the greatest advantages of Spread Betting is that you can bet ‘in-running’ on some events (i.e. when the event is happening). Since you can bet both ‘high’ and ‘low’ you can close your bet, taking a profit or loss at any time.

This adds an extra dimension and further excitement to live sport and offers the ability to take profits and open new positions during the event, something which is unavailable at the traditional bookmaker.

Price changes during live events

As the event progresses the odds will naturally change. In a football match if one team scores the likely outcome will have changed, in a golf event if a golfer has had an excellent or poor round they will more / less likely to win the event. It is these price changes and the ability to bet In-Running which allows you to not only to place bets during live events, but close bets early to take profits or loss at any time.

How do I take a profit?

At the start of a Leeds v Newcastle match Sporting Index may make Newcastle favourites to beat Leeds by 0.2 – 0.5 goals. You predict a Newcastle win and place a £10 per point BUY (i.e. to win £10 per point greater than 0.5).

If Newcastle scored two early goals the score may be Newcastle 2-0 Leeds after 32 minutes. The new spread for the match at this time may be quoted as 2.4-2.7.

To close your position (and take a profit) you should SELL £10 per point at 2.4. You total profit will therefore be £19:

Profit = Stake * (sell price – buy price)
= £10 * (2.4 – 0.5)
= £19

Which are events allow ‘In-Running’ betting?

Good question. Only certainly ‘live’ events offer ‘In-Running’ betting. These will be the only events which allow you to close your position only. These are clearly marked as LIVE on the Sporting Index website.