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Imagine a battlefield with hundreds of pro players in the gaming community fighting off each other until only one remains standing – that’s Fortnite for you. After a sensational reception of PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), Fornite is the latest buzz that that taken the iGaming sector by the storm. Today, the Battle Royale-themed game takes pride in its 250 million+ registered players with more fans joining the ever-expanding universe.

As the developer of this popular esports, Epic Games, has already sparked a massive betting potential from its first highly successful tournament event, Fortnite World Cup with a prize pool worth over $30 million, there is simply no looking backward. If you can’t get enough of Fortnite gaming and have a knack for betting, now you know how this esports market can be your go-to punting choice in no time.
To tie up any loose ends, we have prepared an in-depth overview of Fortnite betting and enlisted the best Fortnite betting sites as per our expert guidance. Without further ado, let’s take you deep into the most promising esports title that has captivated the entire world, including gaming legends and veteran punters alike.

Best Betting Sites for Fortnite Betting

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How Fortnite is Played

A typical Fortnite game can be played in the “Fortnite Save the World” and “Fortnite Battle Royale” mode. Mobile gamers can also enjoy “Fortnite Mobile” on Android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to Fortnite matches for professional betting, only the Battle Royale version is taken into consideration. So, here we will cover this version only, and leave the remaining saved for some other day.

If you take a closer look at Battle Royale, the structure is similar to PUBG, which makes Fortnite easier to understand if you have prior experience in the other game. The game begins with 100 players landing on a single map from a flying bus (yes, you have read right), gathering up resources, and engaging in team-based skirmishes. Gradually, the map becomes smaller, forcing the players to get out of their hiding places and seek out other players to kill and become the ultimate last man standing.

As you can see, the pattern is not completely innovative, but what gives Fortnite an extra bit of spice lies in its customizable structures. Players can not only select the area of landing but also utilize different weapons as per their needs. It gives the players plenty to think of and master their gaming strategies accordingly.

Although the game design is pretty straightforward, there are some distinct Fortnite terms, learning which you may get an edge over betting on the game.


This is a format in which the battle is set between two players. Usually, it is used for practising before the actual gameplay.


A bot is referred to a poorly experienced player.


Campers are known for remaining hidden in one spot until the target approaches nearby, and the camper performs as an easy kill. However, this technique is not used most of the time since many players prefer moving forward aggressively.


Meds are basically medical supplies or medical kits that help a player to restore his health line.

No Skin

Players with “no skin” or default skin are considered as new or inexperienced as skins can only be earned via experience or cash credits. Interestingly, many expert players use no skin as a tactic to make their enemies potentially disregard their true skills.

Spawn Island

Spawn Island is the place where all the players are gathered before setting for the real location. Here one player can check out all his opponents while the game is loading.


Loot is a cache full of in-game items dispatched in different parts of the map during the game. These are highly anticipated by the players due to the rare items and are usually notorious places for small bloodbaths.

How We Rate the Best Fortnite Betting Sites

If you have taken a peek at the best Fortnite betting sites ranked by our esports betting experts, then you already have an idea of how we have rated the leading betting operators in today’s industry. For new users, here’s a small outline of the factors we consider during our tedious but highly impactful rating process.

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Markets – The best Fortnite betting sites should have a good range of betting types, including in-play and special bets. There should also be plenty of Fortnite event coverage so that the punters can keep their betting calendar active.

odds iconOdds – Odds in Fortnite betting site should be attractive enough to make the punters coming back for more.

reputation iconLicense and Safety Measurements – Proper licensing is the key to determining a great betting operator. Our selected Fortnite betting site must be licensed by a reputed gambling jurisdiction and have safety measurements enabled on the site to prevent any unwanted fraudulent activity.

bonus iconBonuses – Bonuses on Fortnite events may not be available right away. Therefore, we prioritize bonus packages with lucrative offers like free bets, price boosts, matched bonuses, etc. that come with user-friendly wagering requirements and can easily be blended into Fortnite betting. We also take into consideration regular promotions that will keep the clients satisfied during their stay.

payments iconBanking Options – Any decent Fortnite betting platform should have a generous number of payment methods that will make betting on Fortnite simpler for the punters. The deposits should be instant and the withdrawals fast on most transactions.

support iconCustomer Support – Stepping into a new esports and joining a new betting site – both may require helpful suggestions from the customer support team. So, keeping the customer support service of a bookmaker in mind is another significant factor during our ranking process.

How to Bet on Fortnite

With a whole wide world left unexplored, the possibilities of betting on Fortnite is limitless. It may not be a stretch to admit that we are looking at multiple aspects of Fortnite betting. Here’s how it may be laid out in different online betting platforms.

Skins Betting on Fortnite

Skins betting on Fortnite may rise to popularity due to the overflowing number of players joining the community. In this type of betting, it is possible to place a wager with in-game items instead of real cash. However, there’s a catch. If you end up joining an unsafe betting platform, you may lose your prized possessions and in worse case scenarios, have your Fortnite account banned due to fraudulent issues.

Fantasy Betting on Fortnite

Fantasy betting on Fortnite may also be on the rise where bettors will be able to place bets on vital players. The outcome will be based on real-life performance, so the fun will not entirely be lost. This type of betting is perfect for regions where betting on esports is still not legal. Players based in the US may benefit from it the most as fantasy betting markets offer detailed statistics.

Real Money Betting on Fortnite

Whether you are a seasonal or a veteran punter, if you have ever placed a wager with real money, then you probably know that the thrill of real money betting is simply incomparable to any other experience. Established bookies understand this as well, and therefore, offer real money betting options on the trending esports titles.

For Fortnite, we will be looking at a great development in the real money betting potential in the upcoming seasons. As we have already covered the best Fortnite betting sites on the rise, you may consider starting your real money Fortnite betting sessions from there.

Fortnite Betting Tips

Understand the gameplay

It is one thing to play the game with your teammates after a day of work, but understanding the tournament-level mindset is a whole new thing, especially for someone who is new to Fortnite. Therefore, consider watching live streaming of pro players on social platforms to gain an insight into the gaming strategies, and learn about individual key strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on Team Roles

Knowing the roles of each player in a Fortnite team will help you to understand which player is more likely to perform the most kills, which player may give the most assists, which player may make it to the end, and a lot more. This can be learned from watching the players’ live streaming on Twitch or by listening to in-depth game commentaries.

Keep Track of Stats

This is an aspect that may give you an edge over the match-winner betting type, but must not be taken as absolute truth. Although the rankings may determine the potentiality of a specific team winning the match, almost every team has equal chances of winning once they step into the arena. So, focus on individual player stats, team stats, current performances, and most importantly, your intuition while placing a wager.

Look for Value Odds

As you already know, Fortnite is a relatively new esports title that is still catching up in the betting industry. Therefore, you may not find this game on the majority of the sportsbooks except the Fortnite sites recommended at our site. Before you place a wager, be sure to explore all few of these bookies to find out the best value odds on Fortnite markets.

Fortnite Betting Types

Considering that betting on Fortnite matches is still not open, that leaves a vast area up for our speculation. Based on the design and gameplay of this nerve-wracking esports, we can assume that some of its betting types will be similar to other FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games in this genre like CS:GO, LOL, Dota 2, etc.

On top of it, you may expect some PUBG themed markets on Fortnite that will focus more on player performance than on map-based markets. Let’s take a look below to see how betting types in Fortnite may appear when you join a good Fortnite betting site.


Outrights is the most common and most popular betting type that is offered on almost every esport. This betting type allows the punter to place bets on a single team potentially winning an entire series.

Outrights markets are available during tournaments and championships and usually offered long before the event takes place.

Match Winner

In contrast to outrights, match winner indicates placing a wager on a certain team potentially winning a single match. This is another popular betting type that you may find available in Fortnite as well.

ggbet fortnite live
Fortnite Live Betting at


There may be a set margin given by the bookmaker that will indicate the total score gained by the winning team. You have to place a wager on whether the team will achieve more than the set margin or less than that.

Most Kills

In this betting market, you can make bets on a particular team or player performing the highest number of kills in a match.

First Kill

This type of market is usually offered during the in-play bets where you can put stakes on a specific team or player making the first kill in that match.

How to Place a Bet at a Fortnite Betting Site?

Now that you are all geared up with the basic knowledge of how to place bets on Fortnite, now all you need is signing up at a good Fortnite betting site. No need to spend hours searching for one as you can easily get a head start from one of our recommended Fortnite betting sites. Then, simply follow these steps to start punting on your favourite Fortnite markets.

Firstly, visit the sportsbook’s official website from your desktop or phone. Alternatively, download the bookmaker’s dedicated betting app on your mobile device.

Up next, go to the “Terms & Conditions” section, give a thorough read and ensure that you are eligible for joining the site.

Click on the “Register/Sign-Up/Join Us” button.

Fill up the form with authentic information regarding your personal information and banking details. Complete the registration process.

Log in to the site with your user name and password after receiving the confirmation mail.

Visit the “Bonus” section.

Choose a welcome bonus as per your betting style, and make a deposit as per the betting site’s minimum deposit requirements.

Go to the “Esports” sections and find any available Fortnite events to place bets.

Keep our Fortnite betting tips (discussed later) on the mind and enjoy your rewards from betting on Fortnite.

Which Fortnite Events Can be Bet on?

Let’s be a bit realistic here. Fortnite itself is still at the dawn of its journey and is one of the newest competitive titles to rise in the last few years. Although there has not been much betting prospect on this game prior to 2020, thanks to Epic Games’s decision of promoting its championships with hefty sums of cash prizes, the esports betting scene is now warmly welcoming Fortnite events for its exceptionally large fan base.

The first major tournament in Fortnite took place in 2018, keeping many of its counterparts behind in terms of fame and prize pools. Its next season was even better than the first one that put the bookies’ attention to this esports sector. Keeping this in mind, the future of Fortnite betting only leaves great promises and high hopes to look up to.

When it comes to Fortnite championships, it’s almost always the same format being played out along different players. The major difference lies in the number of team members participating in each match. Based on the match format, solo, duo, trios, and squads, the number of players may vary in a team. Each format highlights different aspects of the game and the players’ individual or team play skills.

If you are considering an instant gateway to Fortnite betting, you will have a whole year of events set out for you. The current competitive season comprises of Solo Cash Cup, Fortnite Champions Series, and the most prestigious Fortnite World Cup.

Beginning from regional tournaments, the winning teams are gradually upgraded to the season finale each year where the winning team can walk away with a handsome amount. As these events are spread across throughout the year, you may be able to enjoy betting on Fortnite on a weekly basis.

Fortnite Betting Sites – FAQ

Is betting on Fortnite safe?

Generally, yes. With Epic Games expanding its tournament events with massive prize pools, more licensed sportsbooks are coming forward to explore its high betting potential. Before you decide to join any Fortnite betting site, just ensure that your country is accepted at the site to enjoy a safe and secure betting experience.

Can I bet on Fortnite from my mobile?

Yes, given that your selected bookmaker is offering Fortnite on mobile betting platforms. However, as this esports is still a rising star in the betting arena, there may not be that many mobile features on Fortnite betting available.

You may consider checking out Unikrn for now and later get into other mobile betting sites as the game gains more reach.

Which is the best Fortnite betting site?

The best Fortnite betting sites are the ones with a wide variety of Fortnite betting types, great odds, regular event coverage, and an attractive welcome bonus package to boost the punting sessions. To find out the best Fortnite betting site as per your requirements, consider checking out our recommended Fortnite sportsbooks that offer all these features and more.

Can I win real money from Fortnite betting?

If you sign up at a licensed real money Fortnite betting site, you can potentially win large cash prizes by predicting outcomes successfully.

Where can I find the best Fortnite betting tips?

As the game is still in its prime, you can find the best Fortnite betting tips at our site. When the betting on this esports evolves, there will be more bookies covering this area, making research processes easier for you. Till then, keep our basic betting tips on Fortnite in mind and enjoy backing your favourite Fortnite team.