Counter Strike CSGO Betting Sites

Counter Strike CSGO Betting Sites

CS:GO LogoCounter Strike: Global Offensive began as a sequel to the legendary Counter Strike, which was itself a mod of Halflife. Betting on the results of an eSports cup is extremely popular, and there are plenty of great quality sites where you can test your knowledge of the game. The standard of teams entering these events is impressively high, with big prizes and major sponsors like Audi supporting the entrants.

Software giant Valve manages many of the competitions, and prize funds of around $250,000 are expected at the larger playoffs. In the biggest venues, up to 10 000 people can watch the gamers and teams live, but you can also catch up at home. The best Counter Strike betting sites stream the action as it happens, giving millions more people the chance to see their favourite teams in action online.

Best Counter Strike CS:GO Betting Sites

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Betting on CS GO

For seasoned players using Counter Strike betting sites is really simple; it’s just like placing a wager on a regular sport. Once you’ve deposited funds into your account, you can take a look at the site’s menu, browse through the available markets and odds for CS:GO games, and then select a bet.

What Does the Game Involve?

In this innovative first-person shooter title there are two teams, one are terrorists and the other counter-terrorists. The terrorists defend their hostages and try to plant a bomb, whilst the counter-terrorists try to stop the bomb being planted and rescue the hostages. When an individual player does well they are rewarded with in-game currency, they can use this to purchase more powerful weapons that give them and their team an advantage.

Are Some Sites Better Than Others?

As eSports move ever closer toward the mainstream, an increasing number of CS GO betting sites are being launched. In general, these can be divided up into two distinct groups; the first includes bookmakers which give you access to a range of other distractions, like jackpots, coin flips and roulette. You’ll also be able to try out skins betting on these ‘lighter’ sites, to win virtual currencies or goods for use in gaming.

There’s nothing wrong with having a flutter on the best Counter Strike betting sites that are providing quirky extras, but the second group of bookies is where the real money changes hands. These sportsbooks handle CS:GO like a traditional sport and it certainly deserves to be taken this seriously. Ladbrokes, Skybet, William Hill and most other major brands include Counter Strike betting in their markets, so it’s clear the game is here to stay.

ESports and Betting on CS GO

When it is presented as an eSport, each CS:GO match lasts for several different rounds. It’s a very competitive game which is played in one of six modes. Rounds unfold over a maximum time of two minutes, so it’s a fast-paced environment where things can change in seconds.

eSport NIP
For me the best Counter strike Team in The World – NIP

Each bout can develop across a number of maps – teams which are victorious in the map rounds are those which win sixteen rounds. Counter Strike betting is very popular with punters, and a huge selection of eSport cups are held all over the world throughout the year.

Tips and Tricks for Betting on CS GO

If you are new to the game you can limit your losses by thinking about which bookmakers offer the best bonus deals when you sign up. That ensures you’ll be starting off with a slightly higher bankroll. When you have consolidated a pot of winnings, then it’s sensible to switch to one of the CS GO betting sites that offer the best odds.

CS go betting at ggbet
Pic. CS:GO Betting at GG.Bet

Just like any other form of wagering, when you want to make money at Counter Strike betting sites, you’ll need to carry out a little research of your own. Bettors who make a living from the pastime are willing to devote hours to unearthing small pieces of crucial information about the game. Professionals work on the principle that the more information you have, the better your decisions will be, and the less you’ll have to rely on luck. Whatever ever level you’re at right now, here are a few ways you can educate yourself:

Begin by watching as many CS:GO games as you can, before even placing a bet. Find out more about the teams that regularly do well, analyse their most recently completed matches and then learn more about the type of form specific players have. There are plenty of stats lists online which can help with your research, so keep track of developments regularly, checking to see what each team’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how they perform on individual maps.

However, the long-term form of a team can occasionally be misleading, so don’t use this indicator alone to inform your betting. Sometimes teams are moving up through the ranks tournament by tournament, just waiting for a big win that could happen any day – so don’t underestimate the outsiders.

ESport betting is as complex as all types of gambling and in the long run, it may be just as profitable to predict how often a team is victorious and if the odds are favourable, rather than who will win one specific match. If you lack experience with placing bets, you’ll need to understand how odds work, so begin to use your judgement regularly. Guess which odds you think will be offered for a match, before finding out what the bookie is actually offering. As your accuracy improves, you’ll understand more about odds value and pick better deals.

What Can Affect a CS: GO Bet?

CS go betting betting markets at ggbet
Pic. CS:GO Betting Markets at GG.Bet

As in any other sport, there are a huge number of variables which affect the outcome of a match and the potential profitability of a bet, here are a few issues to consider:

The Team

Past match results between two teams that are about to face each other are relevant, but look behind the result to see if there were any other factors involved in the win. Did any one player win a succession of both pistol or clutches rounds, were different rosters in play and maybe the roster has improved or got worse.

The Maps

Some teams excel on specific maps but struggle on others, so the maps being played will greatly influence the outcome. Think about the veto process by which the higher seeded team could pick a stronger map for them, or one which their opponent finds tough. An advantage like this could decide the entire series winner.

In-game Economy

Some bettors think that it makes sense to back a team if they have amassed a healthy amount of in-game money. This aspect of the game can make a difference to the result, because having more funds enables teams to splash out on more weapons and equipment, so they can outplay the other side.

What is the Community Feeling?

Tipsters can be great indicators of the zeitgeist when it comes to eSport, so check out where they’ll be putting their money. Scrolling through betting community pages, or the Reddit threads can also be insightful, as someone may be sharing information you missed. Of course, you should always take online chat at face value, so check out opinions for yourself before using them to shape your betting habits.

The Line-up

CS: GO betting sites should provide information on team lineups for every match, if these are not consistent, take a look to see which players have been left out. If the team rarely wins without their star and that person is missing, you might want to look elsewhere.

Personal Factors

Players are only human, so if they’ve had to travel miles to get to an event, this could affect how they perform on the day. You could browse through well-known player’s social media pages, to check for signs that they may not be on their finest form.

The Last Matches

A team’s performance in their most recent tournaments can provide clues as to what strengths and weaknesses they are playing with, at a particular point in time. If they seem to be in a dip it could be a longer-term issue, as could a particularly fierce streak.

The Format

The format should be considered before placing a wager, take a look through your Counter Strike betting site’s information section to see how the event will be marketed. For Best of One games where the action is over in two minutes, remember it’s extremely difficult to predict the result – even for professionals. In the Best of Two formats, the favourite is more likely to be a safe bet, but draws are common. For Best of Three rounds, the odds-on favourite tends to win, as they have more time to recover from takedowns. If you’re looking at a Best of Five round, then consistency will usually win the day, so the team marked the favourite will often take the trophy.