Both teams scoring (BTTS): how it works and example

Both teams scoring (BTTS): how it works and example

shutterstock 299107145Both teams to score is one of the best ways to make any match exciting. In a ‘both teams to score bet’, you bet on the scenario that both teams score at least one goal. In this article, you will read more about the both teams to score bet and how it works in practice.

Why should you use the both teams to score bet?

The both teams scoring bet is very popular with people who do not want to predict a winner or people who want to enjoy the match as a neutral viewer. This is because no matter if one team wins and which team wins, if both teams score a goal, you win the bet.

Another reason why you should try a both teams score bet is because you get paid out immediately, even before the match is over. In fact, as soon as both teams have scored a goal, you get paid out. So you don’t have to wait until the end of the match.

You can also place a bet when the match is still in progress. Say your favourite team is playing and your team is already 4 goals behind. They won’t win, but you can still place a both teams scoring bet during the match. If your team and the other team each score another goal, you win the bet.

Combinations and variations on the both teams scoring bet

There are several variations on the both teams scoring bet. Here we list the most common variations and combinations.

Both teams not to score – The most well-known variation is the both teams not to score bet. With this bet, you are betting on the scenario that no team or only one team will score. You can place this bet during the match, or before. So the final score here has to be 0-0, or 0-1, 0-2, 0-3,…. As long as neither team scores, or both teams don’t score, you win this bet.

Both teams score + 1/X/2 – A combination you often see is a both teams score bet with a bet on the outcome of the match. So you bet that both teams score a goal, and you bet on a winner or a draw.

Under/Over + Both teams score – Another commonly used combo in football betting is the Under/Over bet with both teams scoring. Here, on the one hand, you bet on the possibility of both teams scoring, and on the other hand, you bet that more or less than a certain number of goals will fall.

Both Teams Score + Goal Scorer – A last favourite combination is both teams scoring plus the goal scorer designation. You don’t have to choose a goal scorer from both teams here, the designation of a single goal scorer is sufficient.

Example of both teams scoring + tips

Suppose you want to place a both teams scoring bet. To do so, you need to select a match where the probability is high that both teams will score a goal. If you look at statistics, these are often matches with no clear favourite, in leagues with attacking football.

A good league for both teams betting is the Eredivisie. In the Dutch league, both teams very often score a goal each. This is due to the attacking football and the lesser focus on defence.

We choose the match AZ against Groningen. Both teams are fairly evenly matched and score easily. AZ and Groningen are two mid-table teams that do not play too cautious football. If both AZ and Groningen score during the match, you win the bet, regardless of whether the match would end 1-1 or 7-1. You can also place an Over or Under bet, in which you bet that more than 3.5 goals will fall in this match.

Tip: Avoid teams at the top of the league table. These tend to play more cautiously and have good defences. As a result, 1-0 or 2-0 scores are very common, which will make you lose your bet.