2019 Women’s World Cup Schedule

2019 Women’s World Cup Schedule

The countdown to the 2019 Women’s World Cup has well and truly begun, with the top nations from around the world travelling to France at the beginning of June to battle it out for the biggest prize in the game. For those who do not wish to miss a minute of the action, or a potentially lucrative betting market, our in-depth schedule provides all of the information that you will need. Let’s start by taking a look at the matches which will take place during the group stage in France, starting on June 7th when the host nation takes to the field.

Group Stage Matches

All times are based on those in the UK

Friday 7 June

Group A: France vs South Korea (20:00, Paris)

Saturday 8 June

Group A: Norway vs Nigeria (14:00, Reims)

Group B: Spain vs South Africa (17:00, Le Havre)

Group B: Germany vs China (20:00, Rennes)

Sunday 9 June

Group C: Australia vs Italy (12:00, Valenciennes)

Group C: Brazil vs Jamaica (14:30, Grenoble)

Group D: England vs Scotland (17:00, Nice)

Monday 10 June

Group D: Argentina vs Japan (17:00, Paris)

Group E: Canada vs Cameroon (20:00, Montpellier)

Tuesday 11 June

Group E: New Zealand vs Netherlands (14:00, Le Havre)

Group F: Chile vs Sweden (17:00, Rennes)

Group F: United States vs Thailand (20:00, Reims)

Wednesday 12 June

Group A: Nigeria vs South Korea (14:00, Grenoble)

Group B: Germany vs Spain (17:00, Valenciennes

Group A: France vs Norway (20:00, Nice)

Thursday 13 June

Group C: Australia vs Brazil (17:00, Montpellier)

Group B: South Africa vs China (20:00, Paris)

Friday 14 June

Group D: Japan vs Scotland (14:00, Rennes)

Group D: England vs Argentina (17:00, Le Havre)

Group C: Jamaica vs Italy (20:00, Reims)

Saturday 15 June

Group E: Netherlands vs Cameroon (17:00, Valenciennes)

Group E: Canada vs New Zealand (20:00, Grenoble)

Sunday 16 June

Group F: United States vs Chile (14:00, Paris)

Group F: Sweden vs Thailand (17:00, Nice)

Monday 17 June

Group B: China vs Spain (17:00, Le Havre)

Group B: South Africa vs Germany (17:00, Montpellier)

Group A: Nigeria vs France (20:00, Rennes)

Group A: South Korea vs Norway (20:00, Reims)

Tuesday 18 June

Group C: Jamaica vs Australia (20:00, Grenoble)

Group C: Italy vs Brazil (20:00, Valenciennes)

Wednesday 19 June

Group D: Japan vs England (20:00, Nice)

Group D: Scotland vs Argentina (20:00, Paris)

Thursday 20 June

Group E: Cameroon vs New Zealand (17:00, Montpellier)

Group E: Netherlands vs Canada (17:00, Reims)

Group F: Sweden vs United States (20:00, Le Havre)

Group F: Thailand vs Chile (20:00, Rennes)

Knockout Phase Matches

Round of 16:

Saturday 22 June

38: 1B vs 3A/C/D (14:00, Grenoble)

37: A2 vs C2 (17:30, Nice)

Sunday 23 June

39: 1D vs 3B/E/F (16:30, Valenciennes)

40: 1A vs 3C/D/E (20:00, Le Havre)

Monday 24 June

41: 2B vs 2F (17:00, Reims)

42: 1F vs 2E (20:00, Paris)

Tuesday 25 June

43: 1C vs 3A/B/F (17:00, Montpellier)

44: 1E vs 2D (20:00, Rennes)


Thursday 27 June

45: W37 vs W39 (20:00, Le Havre)

Friday 28 June

46: W40 vs W41 (20:00, Paris)

Saturday 29 June

47: W43 vs W44 (14:00, Valenciennes)

48: W38 vs W42 (17:30, Rennes)


Tuesday 2 July

49: W45 vs W46 (20:00, Lyon)

Wednesday 3 July

50: W47 vs W48 (20:00, Lyon)

Third-place play-off:

Saturday 6 July (16:00, Nice)


Sunday 7 July (16:00, Lyon)

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